Atriark, Inc. Announces Expansion of Services to GPU Cloud Mining

Geeks News Desk, BWW

Atriark, Inc. is pleased to announce that they have begun rolling out GPU based minable coins starting with Ethereum cloud mining and plans to offer numerous other cryptocurrency coins for cloud-based mining. In the coming weeks and months, Atriark plans to include ZCash, Dash, and Monero along with their existing services such as Litecoin and Bitcoin cloud mining.

With the addition of these new cryptocurrency services, Atriark hopes to expand its customer base and offer new and exciting opportunities to existing customers to diversify their mining experience as well as not be reliant on one particular cryptocurrency for their portfolio of cloud

Atriark is one of the fastest growing cloud mining operations in North America and rapidly expanding its services and hashing capacity to meet consumer demand.

This service expansion has been brought about in large part due to customer demand for an increased number of mining options and Atriark has responded by doing just that as they are actively listening to customer feedback.

Atriark hopes to continue to be an industry leader with an intuitive user interface system, 24/7 live stream access to part of the mining operation as well as superior customer service.


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