BitFury Tbilisi Introduces New Cooling System

Shawn Wayne, Georgia Today

BitFury, a crypto mining equipment manufacturer, is now using low environmental impact refrigeration technology to maintain crypto-mining equipment at its mining farm in Tbilisi. It entails a method of immersing Bitcoin mining devices in tanks containing a non-conductive liquid to keep them cold.

The system was designed and created by Allied Control Ltd., an engineering company based in Hong Kong, which was acquired by BitFury in 2015. The director of the firm, Valery Vavilov, said they first thought about this type of technology when they realized that the data centers would be used both for Internet searches and to secure Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.

Vavilov also announced that BitFury is betting that this technology will be in high demand from cloud computing companies in urban areas.

This immersion cooling technology has been on the market for some time and has had several uses. The fluids have been used to cool servers, and have even been used to extinguish race car fires. The system involves submerging hardware in an open liquid coolant tank with a low boiling point. Once the equipment gets hot, the fluid boils, becoming steam which rises and condenses on a water-cooled coil, and then finally it returns to the tank. This cycle results in energy savings of 95%, depending on the company’s size, and with minimal fluid loss.

These systems are gaining popularity and are likely to replace some of the techniques used by crypto mining farms, which include dipping their miners in oil tanks.


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