Cloud Mining made Available to Everyone

Jonas Borchgrevink, CryptoCoins news

How to make mining affordable for ordinary users? This question has risen in HashCoins, the company specializing in the production of cryptoequipment since 2013.

It is no secret that the average price of ASICs exceeds $ 400 and not everyone is willing to spend such amount for equipment. Additionally, let’s not forget about the complexity of the configuration, maintenance, noise, electricity costs and other possible problems that one way or another deter novice users.

Simplicity, accessibility, profitability

After doing a lot of work, HashCoins LLC has developed a remote cryptoequipment management service – Cloud Mining.

This is what Sergei Potapenko, the leading expert on Cryptocurrency in Europe and the permanent leader of HashCoins has to say:

“HashFlare is a service for those who are interested in mining Cryptocurrencies, but does not have enough experience and resources in this area. With our service you can get steady income without significant contributions and with minimal risks. “

What is so attractive in the new service for the average user?

Convenient and concise interface makes interactions with the system easy and intuitive. All items and settings are located in the right place and understanding them will cause no trouble.

Reasonable prices. Now, to become a miner you no longer need to spend huge amounts of money. Price for minimum hashrate is comparable to the cost of a pack of cigarettes and starts at $ 4.45.

Stable steady income. Unlike traditional mining where it is very difficult to achieve stable operation and receive a guaranteed profit at home, HashFlare Cloud Mining gives a more confidence about the income.

The company’s equipment is placed in a modern data center and is under the supervision of experts round the clock. Yes, fluctuations of the difficulty of mining and price of Bitcoin make any insurance impossible, but you can rest assured that the equipment will not be idle and you are guaranteed to get income.

It is better to see once

Users of have access to a number of interesting features, many of which are unique. This choice of pools and immediate withdrawal of earnings, as well as a program to support webmasters and much, much more.

In any case, it is better to try it once than hear about it a hundred times. Therefore, join today and tomorrow your balance replenished with new mined coins.


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