HashHive Launches ICO to Create for Cloud Mining

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Traditional financial instruments due to their low yield today depart on the second plan. Increased interest to the cryptocurrencies, caused by the explosive growth of their rate, gave rise to other much more profitable ways to earn money, which is the project of cloud mining – HashHive. However, there are a lot of services that provide cloud mining.

What distinguishes HashHive from similar projects?

HashHive uses modern equipment and technologies, which significantly reduces cost of hash-power. The project cooperates with large companies for the supply of immersion equipment, as well as equipment for generation of electricity.

The HashHive project is distinguished by the use of innovative technologies of cloud mining. It is planned to use immersion cooling system for mining servers, allowing them to consume less energy. This will be possible due to removal server fans and lower component temperatures. The power efficiency of such system ranges from 1.03 to 1.05. In addition, the submerged cooling system provides the lowest cost of building data center in the industry. Due to the lack of the need for capital-intensive air conditioning equipment the system can be deployed in an unprocessed bare case, such as warehouse, which significantly reduces construction, equipment, and deployment costs. The system provides the general increase in server and data center performance due to more calculations per watt, more powerful servers, and a high density of installed equipment.

As a part of the HashHive project, it is planned to install a gas piston engine, which is characterized by high efficiency and fuel flexibility, as a source of primary and backup power. Thus, the average annual savings when using GPE with regards to purchase of common electricity is $455,000, and the prime cost of power generation from GPE – $0,02. It should be noted that for creation of the data center will be used modern equipment for mining of cryptocurrency, namely equipment with immersion cooling system. The project focuses on the use of GPU chips, which, in comparison with ASIC chips, have a longer service life, the ability of mining all altcoins, practically do not lose in value. However, despite the fact that, in the opinion of the creators of the project, in the long term the use of GPU chips is more profitable for the further development of the company, the possibility of acquiring ASIC chips for Bitcoin mining is still being considered. Mining of cryptocurrency is planned with the use of such algorithms as NeoScrypt, Lyra2REv2, DaggerHashimoto, Equihash, X11, Sia, Decred and some others. In addition, various cryptocurrencies will be mined for risk diversification: Ethereum, Zcash, DASH, SiaCoin, Decred (DCR), Monero.

The HashHive project is absolutely open and transparent, provides a reliable service with uninterrupted operability. In addition, a user-friendly interface, easy operation, affiliate programs, discount systems, and much more – all of this will allow user to enjoy the service.

HashHive ICO

During the ICO period the HashHive project plans to attract investments up to 30 million dollars. The project token – CELL, is the equivalent of hash-power. Token price is $20, and the equivalent is 1 MH/s (DaggerHashimoto). As payment will be accepted Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Waves, as well as dollars and euros. Total amount of issued tokens – 2 167 000, from which 1 500 000 CELL tokens will be presented for sale on the ICO.

Token sale will take place from November 20 to December 19 in 2017. For those investors who have invested their funds in the project at an early stage, HashHive offers a bonus system. So, if a buyer purchases project tokens in the first hour after the ICO starts, he receives a bonus of 30%, from the second to the 24th hour – 15%, on the 2-3 days – 10%, on the 4-6 days – 5%. In addition, according to the Bounty campaign, anyone, who wishes to support HashHive by one of the ways from the Bounty program and take activity in community and thematic venues, will be able to receive a bonus in CELL tokens.

Investment profitability of HashHive

According to the ROI of the project from the Whitepaper in the case of receiving planned $30 million within the ICO, HashHive will reach project capacity in 5 months. Before the company reaches its project capacity, every month 40% of net profit will be distributed among all holders of CELL token in proportion to the amount of tokens in their wallets. After the company reaches its project capacity, the CELL token turns from a source of remuneration into the hash-power equivalent with priority of acquiring cloud mining in HashHive service (with 50% discount). So, the investor will be able to use the CELL token to purchase hash-power and regulate own investments: reinvest cryptocurrency into hash-power or withdraw funds and use them at own discretion.

The project has a high level of profitability for investors. Since the main source of income is the mining and leasing of hash-power for mining, and part of the revenue will be constantly reinvested in the purchase and upgrade of equipment, as well as in improving the service itself, therefore, the annual profit will constantly increase. Moreover, in the future, the team of the project plan to increase the number of its data centers, and eventually to combine them into one global decentralized network!

More details about HashHive, about the ICO conditions, about the distribution of funds raised, you can find out by reading the information presented on the official website and in the Whitepaper, as well as on the pages of the project in all popular social networks.


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