Mining-Net: Best Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Profit Generator?


As the world knows more about cryptocurrencies, crypto mining is becoming something increasingly common. Because of this, companies like are offering mining services to the people who are searching and willing to pay. Is it a good idea to hire them, though?

These are generally very small mining companies whose business you do not know very much about. Unfortunately, it can represent a risk to invest in these companies while uninformed about the risks and possibilities they offer.

What is

This company seems like a small Bitcoin mining company. allows its clients to purchase hash power to profit from its mining operations. You have to pay the amount of money and then you will be able to withdraw it after a certain amount of time.

On its site, you can see that offers guaranteed profits from mining and no maintenance fees. This means that you buy the hash power once and will still keep profiting from it.

How to Use

To use you have to create your account and deposit some money to buy hash power. You can use fiat currency or Bitcoin to pay for hash power and participate. Here are the prices:

  • 100 GH/S: 0.0005 BTC with profits of 0.00002 BTC daily for one year.
  • 2,000 GH/S: 0.01 BTC with profits of 0.0004 BTC daily for one year.
  • 20,000 GH/S: 0.1 BTC with profits of 0.0045 BTC daily for one year.
  • 60,000 GH/s: 0.3 BTC with profits of 0.0135 BTC daily for one year.

Is a Scam?

We believe that there are great chances that can be a scam, so you should be very wary of this company. The company states that is has been mining for more than 900 days and that it has 1,357,813 users at the time of this report. This is hardly something real because their site is awful.

The company is supposed to exist since 2015, but you will not find many mentions about it online. The only ones we found have reached the same conclusion that we do: this company is a scam. It uses a very standard site, it is almost a copy paste from other “mining companies” that you can find online. This looks like a very low effort scam.

Another point is that you can clearly see that it does make much sense to only charge people once for their investment and give free hash power to them. This is just a bait to get your money and never give anything to you.

Our Conclusion On

You should avoid Our analysis of this company indicates that you would be having a serious risk if you choose to invest in a company like this. We would definitely recommend you to look for other companies on our blog instead.


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