Wd Mine: Are WDMine.net Bitcoin Cloud Mining Pools Profitable?


What Is Wd Mine?

WD Mine is a cloud mining site that provides power options at a fee for the simultaneous mining of cryptos by adjusting the mining power to the value of each currency. Users get to purchase power in exchange for cryptocurrency payout form the mining profits. It provides for the power purchase at a price rate of 1Mh/s for USD 0.62, with the payout coming in the form of cryptocurrency.

Wd Mine Bitcoin Cloud Mining Pool Features

  • Cloud mining- WD Mine will allow the users to invest any cryptocurrency, from which they will get double the value within a timeline of 2 days or at the investment withdrawal request
  • Affiliates- WD Mine provides for an affiliate program from where users earn 5% of the amount that the referees invest for their mining power
  • Web security- as a measure of securing users, WD Mine ensure data encryption for their login system to allow the protection of personal information such as name, email, and ID during site navigation
  • Coin options- the payouts or investment modes for WD Mine will include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Reddcoin

How To Invest In Wd Mine

Potential WD Mine investors will first have to create a wallet on the deposit page and choose the currency to use. From there, you would need to deposit a minimum value in the portfolio to verify your WD Mine account.

With the balance, users can now invest in mining power by purchasing on the Buy-MH/s page with the relevant currency. If the currency is not suitable, you can still opt to exchange and invest the value balance in MH/s units.

The final step will require one to access the account page and choose the coin to mine and start the operation.

Wd Mine Pros & Cons


  • No need for mining equipment
  • In-built calculator for profits estimation
  • Secure sign in
  • No additional costs for electricity expenses
  • Reduces chances of potential let down or redundancy in mining equipment
  • Users will not need to have technical knowledge on how to mine
  • Existing payout statistics provide for the authenticity of WD Mine
  • WD Mine delivers for mining power purchases at relatively low costs


  • Potential fraud activities
  • Opaque mining outcomes and operations
  • Contractual warning depending on the price of the cryptocurrencies and mining operations

Wd Mine Verdict

Cloud mining is not a new thing, and the sites usually offer many similar options of deposits and withdrawals. However, they all do require an initial investment, and consequently, this makes them logical to only pick one according to your budget. For WD Mine the biggest challenge is the opaque nature of the company behind it which present the notion of a scam waiting to happen.


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